About Us

We provide creative Capital and Financial Solutions for Real Estate and Environmental Cleantech Technology Projects in different countries in Latin America. Our financial RE & ECT project structuring solutions are based on comprehensive market analysis, pinpoint business modeling, thorough due diligence of projects and companies, and keen analysis of applied technologies.

We structure equity & debt, and are open to co-invest in some of our contracted ventures. Market analysis follows our in-house developed top-down and bottom-up methodologies, many times specially worked out for a specific assignment, combining the most precise available data to feed accurate decisions within a certain timeframe.

Due diligence and feasibility are based on physically precise and accurate data provided by our business, urban & environmental data generation teams. Sophisticated modeling techniques developed in-house allow us to generate fast and accurate answers to project financial performance and capital & debt structuring.

We think complexity is inherent to the world of the unknown. For many it can be an unsurpassable burden to be avoided and displaced. For us complexity means a true challenge for being creative, to search and look for hidden and perhaps non contemplated solutions to your project kick-off needs. Complexity drives in us the personal energy needed to solve your problem in the best and fastest possible way. Our experienced professional team of members and associated partners in the US, Europe and Latin America can help you find a tailored solution for your complex financial structuring needs.