Slowness of natural evolution can only be understood if we are aware of mankind’s quickness in developing environmental technological solutions. Environmental Cleantech Technology that supports efforts to slow down mankind’s inflicted environmental damage and change is part of the human evolution in connection with nature.

New solutions come out every day, and most of them are developed far from places where its application is needed most. Quite often, a quick, precise and up-to-date answer to Enviro remediation can only come from afar, and from a state-of-the-art technology that has been developed and tested away from your hometown.

Our Enviro-Cleantech concept is based on deep local natural evolution and environmental knowledge, and understanding of the roots of slow change. We keep knowledge updated on ECT, and span the origins of these techs with your local remediation needs. We believe ECT project financial structuring is a bridging venture, that connects the origins of the precise technology you need with local equity – capital & debt markets.

Our Experience

IFC entrusts GreenMax / CREI in 2014 the design of an investment & financing vehicle for projects in Self-Supply Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, in Chile, with a financing horizon of U$ 100MM.


Fraunhofer-ISE, through PSE, entrusts CREI / TAG in 2015 the development of a Strategy and Business Plan for the relaunch of production of solar CPV modules, based on solar technology of SOITEC-France, with production plants in Germany, USA, Chile, South Africa and Asia, and an investment horizon of U$ 150MM.


MIRS entrusts ZRR-Finland / CREI the study of a robotic solution for contaminating materials selection / extraction in the main feeding line of Phase II of El Teniente copper mine in Chile. 2014 – 2017.


CREI provides an integral advisory for the development of a market for G-E (Germany) products in Chile. At present several projects are under study. Since 2013.


GGGI entrusts GreenMax / CREI in 2016-2017 the integral review of the National Fund for Renewable Energy and Efficient Management of Energy in Colombia (Fondo de Energías Renovables y Gestión Eficiente de la Energía - FENOGE), established by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME – Ministerio de Minas y Energia), and asks for the design of this national investment & financing vehicle for SEF – Sustainable Energy Financing, which includes projects for renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean technologíes and Climate Change adaptation in Colombia, with an investment horizon of U$ 1000 mill in 10 years.